Many of you over the years have asked for true guitar tabs for my songs. I have finally begun to assemble them. I considered creating an app, but as a thank you for all your support I’m putting them on my site for you to enjoy.


These are the actual chords and fingerings I used in writing, recording and as well as performing the songs. The process is quite tedious so it has taken me while, but please check back from time to time, my goal is to create these for my entire catalog.


Happy Pickin,





christopher cross

Christopher Cross


Warner Brothers - 1979


1. Say You'll Be Mine (Download Chart)

2. I Really Don't Know Anymore (Download Chart)

3. Spinning (Download Chart)

4. Never Be The Same (Download Chart)

5. Poor Shirley (Download Chart)

6. Ride Like The Wind (Download Chart)

7. The Light Is On (Download Chart)

8. Sailing (Download Chart)

9. Minstrel Gigolo (Download Chart)