"For all you fellow gearheads out there, here is a list of my equipment."



Anderson Guitarworks Classics & Baritom

Taylor Dreadnaught, GS and Baritone Acoustics with Taylor expression 2 pickup systems.

Elixir strings exclusively.



Wet/Dry Rig

Divided By 13 CCC Combo (mono dry)

2 Headstrong Lil King's X 12 Combo's in Stereo

Customized with Mercury transformers. EL34 tubes and Celestion Vintage 30’s.



Pedal Board custom built by XAct Tone Solutions-Nashville

Upper left to right:

Glab Power Supply

Wet/Dry Custom Interface

Strymon El Capistan Delay

TC Mini Polytune 2

Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal

Line 6 G70 Wireless


Lower Left to Right:

Nuenaber Chroma Chorus

Custom Luxury Super Drive by Travis Hasko Young

Barber Gain Changer

Boss FS-5U tap tempo switch for strymon El Capistan

Exotic RC Booster








Tom Anderson Guitarworks


Headstrong Amplifiers

Divided By Thirteen

G7 Capos

Elixer Strings

Butler Audio/Barber Electronics

XAct Tone Solutions



I'd also like to share this wonderful quilt a fan just gave me!