Common Questions


What was the inspiration for the song "Think of Laura"?

Laura was the best friend, of a lady that Christopher was dating at the time in the early 80s. She was killed by a stray bullet while driving in a car one night. Christopher wrote this song in remembrance of Laura. It had nothing to do with General Hospital. But after the song was released on the Another Page album, GH requested permission to use the song on their show.


What was the inspiration for the song "Sailing"?

When Christopher was young, he had a friend that used to invite him to go sailing in Texas. Christopher enjoyed the activity as a way to get away from the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. As he said on the Howard Stern radio show, if the guy had taken him bowling and he enjoyed it -- the song could have actually become "Bowling".


Where can I find Christopher's albums that were released prior to "Walking in Avalon"?

All of the albums that Christopher has recorded can now be found on iTunes and Amazon.


Who is playing with Christopher on the live "Best of" album that is in "Walking in Avalon"?

Drums -- Jody Cortez; Percussion, acoustic guitar, vocals -- Gigi Worth; Keyboards, dulcimer, vocals -- Rob Meurer; Bass, vocals -- Chas Thompson; Keyboards, vocals -- Kiki Ebsen; Joel Peskin -- saxophone; and Michael McDonald makes a guest appearance on Ride Like The Wind and All Right. The credits were left off by the label in error.


What is the meaning of the flamingo on many of Christopher's albums?

There is no real meaning behind the flamingo. An original band member painted the cover of Christopher's first album, many years prior to CC signing on with Warner Bros. They kept the painting in their rehearsal room and always talked about how it would be the first cover. Well their dream came true, and WB agreed to use the artwork as a basis for the first cover. It just happened to have a flamingo in it. And Christopher has continued to use it on occasion ever since. But there is no hidden meaning behind them.


When is Christopher going to do a show in our area?

All the information we have about upcoming shows is shown on the "Concerts" page of this website. We also provide the show schedule to you monthly when you sign up for our email list.


If you would like to see Christopher in your area, we suggest that you contact your local venues and request that they look into booking his show. Contact info for Christopher's booking agent is available on the "Info for Venues & Press" page of this website.


Where can I find guitar tab for Christopher's songs?

Warner Brothers owns the publishing rights for Christopher's early catalogue. They published songbooks for each of his first three albums (Christopher Cross, Another Page and Every Turn of the World). They also published sheet music for Swept Away from the Back of My Mind album. Unfortunately, at this time, sheet music and guitar tabs are very difficult to find. We are working to change this situation and will update this answer when they become available.


How can I get an autographed photo of Christopher?

At this time we do not have photos of Christopher to have signed and mailed out. And he does not accept mailed items for signing. At shows (schedule permitting) -- Christopher does his best to make himself available after shows for personalized autographs and photos with fans.